Private cloud hosting gives you the agility, scalability and efficiency that a public cloud would provide but it guarantees the security, customization and performance of a dedicated, single-tenant environment.

Our MULTACOM private cloud hosting service begins with a dedicated server and cloud computing resources that are allocated to you alone. There are no shared servers or infrastructure resources. Our expert team of engineers develop and deploy a custom cloud built specifically for you and provide unmatched service and ongoing management.

As your business grows and requirements change over time, we can quickly turn up additional hardware to meet your exact needs. Better yet, if you pre-define your scale needs, such as additional resource requirements during the holidays or other times of the year, we can spin-up additional boxes before they’re actually needed.

Our data center ensures you have the secure, reliable, and high-performance infrastructure you need with the agility and customization capabilities you demand.

What’s more, a MULTACOM private cloud can actually cost less than most public clouds including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud.

You may decide to choose a private cloud hosting solution if you:

  • Need to quickly and cost-effectively experiment with or test new applications and technologies.
  • Work with or store data that requires the highest level of security.
  • Are required to store your data in the country in which it was created.
  • Have been tasked with implementing an IT-as-a-Service model.
  • Use mission critical applications which must be up and running 24/7.
  • Are required to comply with government or industry regulations.
  • Are eliminating your in-house data center.
  • Need to implement a disaster recovery solution.

MULTACOM private cloud hosting combines certified engineers and the latest cloud technology.

We manage your private cloud, so you don't have to.

  • 24/7 monitoring and maintenance with on-site support.
  • Support for compliance audits.
  • Quick and efficient infrastructure optimization.
  • 100% uptime SLA as well as SLA for engineering resources, infrastructure, operations management and threat detection.
  • Real-time bandwidth monitoring, analytics, and port monitoring.
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance at no additional cost.
  • Remote booting and reboots.
  • Hardware, software applications, data storage and network resources can be activated or deactivated on-demand.
  • Optimal and predictable performance.
  • Remote hands.
  • Free hardware repair.

Not exactly what you’re looking for? Maybe a hybrid cloud solution is better for your needs. Check it out

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