1. What is the delivery time on my dedicated server order?

2. I need a lot more drives on my dedicated server, what options do you have available?

3. What is the hardware guarantee?

4. Is billing on a specific day possible?

5. Is my bandwidth limited?

6. What port speeds do you offer?

7. Can I customize my dedicated server?

8. Do dedicated servers come with IPKVM (remote console)?

9. Do you offer Raid, which ones do you offer?

10. What operating system can have installed?

11. Do I have full control of my dedicated server(s)?

12. Can I upgrade components of my dedicated server?

13. Do you charge my monthly fees automatically?

14. How do I contact support?

15. Are your support staff in the data centers?

16. Are my dedicated servers managed?

17. How do you monitor my server?

18. How many IP addresses does my dedicated server come with?

19. I need help setting up my environment, do you provide any help?

20. I have Raid with redundancy, is backup advised?

21. Why do you ask me to change my password when you deliver the dedicated server?

22. I have very specific requirements, can I customize my setup?

23. Can I install my own Operating System?

24. Can I have all my servers connected via a dedicated LAN?

25. What is the default connectivity provided with my dedicated server?

26. Do you allow physical access to my dedicated server?

27. Are streaming or high bandwidth applications allowed?

28. Are MULTACOM Dedicated servers virtualized in anyway?

29. What firewall and/or load balancer options do you offer?

30. Can I send hardware to be installed on my Dedicated Server?

31. Can I send equipment to be placed inline or out of band to my dedicated server(s)?

31. I own my own IP block, can you annouce it for me?

31. Is there additional charge for hardware raid card?

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