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Getting Started

What do I do to get started and understand the control panel?



Web Site Publishing

How do I set up a standard POP e-mail account?

What is FTP?


For Eudora Mail

Where do I find the information to FTP?

For Netscape Mail

Is there a tool to send files to my web folder?

For Outlook Express

How do I publish with FrontPage?

For Outlook

How do I publish with other HTML editors?

How do I access my e-mail through Web Mail?
What does "POP" e-mail mean?

Can I publish with WebShell or File Manager?
What is WebShell/File Manager?

What is a catch-all e-mail account?
How do I set up an catch-all e-mail?

How do I change my e-mail password?

What is an e-mail alias?



How do I create an e-mail alias?
How do I create and e-mail alias with the Xpressia view?

How do I setup a fake e-mail address to automatically go to an existing e-mail account?


How do I redirect a domain to another url or address?
How do I submit my domain name to search engines?

What is the difference between Windows and UNIX account? Unix provides secure and reliable environment perfect for most of the hosting needs. Some people may want to take advantage of some Windows applications such as MS Access, ASP scripting. If you require these functions, you might want to use a hosted account based a NT/Windows server.

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I can download my e-mail but sending is failing.
  The two most common issues here are Authentication and port blocking.

check to see that you have the "My server requires authentication" box checked on the Servers tab of the account properties in Outlook or Outlook Express. Other mail clients should have a similar setting.

many ISP's block port 25 (SMTP) and require that you use their SMTP server for sending email. This problem can be identified by testing the following command via command line
(START-->RUN-->type "command"):
then at the prompt type: telnet 25

A failure on this test indicates that, either you are behind a firewall that has this port blocked, or your ISP is blocking the port. In this case, you will need to contact your ISP to resolve this.

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How do domain names work?

How do I see my site statistics and traffic?
How do I pay a bill?

How do I change the control panel look?

How do I set up a mailing list?

How do I delete a domain?

How do I add or transfer a domain into an existing hosting account?

How do I edit
my database using phpmyadmin?


How do I set up a store?

How do I manage my store?

What are the differences
with Miva Merchant and osCommerce?